Thursday, 18 February 2016

Day 12

Congratulations to this weeks Stars of the Week

Sofia and William

It was Room 13's week to share at assembly.  We were able to share the poem below as well as our newly covered exercise books.  The programme we used was called 'Canva'.  We'll be able to use this throughout the year to assist us with publishing.   This also gave us an opportunity to all get a chance to speak using a microphone to the whole school - Our voice is powerful!

A new room number has appeared
It is 13, which shan’t be feared
The children here are all year five
With Mrs H to help us thrive 
Thirteen is made by ten plus three
In case you forget that - Mr B
With our bright and cheery smiles
Working with our learning styles
A tent, bean bag or comfy seat
A squiggly chair, the place to meet
A new cloakroom with 20 hooks
Along with heaps and heaps of books
Its bi-fold doors and great big deck
Helps to keep us all in check
From Learners, then Restricted spaces
A Full licence gets you places
Our singing bowl comes from Tibet
And calls us all down to the mat
Watch this space and you will see
Just how awesome 13 can be!

 FACTS about the AMAZING Number 13
It is the sixth prime number
A bakers dozen is 13
Trece is how it’s said in Spanish.
In Maori we say Tekau ma toru
A Tridecagon is a 13 sided shape

XIII In Roman numerals

In Cambodian you pronounce it 'dop-bay' and it is written ១៣

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