Sunday, 26 February 2017

End of Week 4 already

Unfortunately I'd picked up a nasty tummy bug and was away all of Week three at school.  It was really fortunate that the class was looked after by Mrs Powell (Jess Roycroft) and Mrs Horan.

It certainly was great to be back and we were right into it at the start of Week 4 ' School Swimming Sports' .


In class during the roll we quickly chatted about having a go and trying your best.  Well done to all of those who participated, gave it a go, tried their best and some who also had success by being selected to go to Districts and represent Stanley Ave, this Thursday.  It was a long hot day and some very tired children by the end of it.  We are continuing with daily swimming and working on some of the more technical aspects of the strokes.

We've had a bit to catch up on with our reading of 'Holes' and had to work hard throughout the week to have a few extra chapters read.  Our Twitter session on Friday had us responding to work shared from schools around New Zealand, answering the questions and motivating us to produce work to share back with other classes.

On Thursday Room 4  joined us for some work on 'coding' or decoding - I was really fascinated to see the problem solvers of the group showing stickability, perseverance and determination.

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  1. Zoom!! They went fast. WOW!! That looks so COLD and deep.

  2. Hi Mrs H I like the pitchers By Olivia B

  3. Olivia - do you mean pictures? Maybe this could be one of your spelling words next week ;)

  4. Hi. WOW, it looks like you had a good day out at the swimming pool.I hope you had fun?

  5. I laek thous fotos
    from luznila