Thursday, 13 October 2016

Term 4 Underway

Congratulations to our 'Stars of the Week'  Brandy and Jayden.

Welcome back to Term 4, We The new term has finally started, after a what felt like a very short holiday we are all back at school and ...kinda ready to go! This is going to be one of our most packed terms, with athletics, a bit of swimming and our end of year assembly, and that's only a bit of it! -Sofia

ATHLETICS Every Tuesday and Thursday, Room 4, 10,9 and room 13 are practicing for athletics. We practice in our house groups. The sports we are doing are shot put, discus, long jump and high jump. Yesterday Te Aroha my house (a house group) was at discus. -Anna K
On Monday and Wednesday room 9,10,4 and 13 do long and short distance run. We do the run in our houses. It is the middle school fitness. - Charli
On Thursday we invented a modified version of tic tac toe where Mrs Haddock would draw up a tic tac toe grid and we would use are new cushions. Mrs Haddock split us into 4 groups, then she said group one gets orange, group two kiwifruit ,group three gets watermelons and group 4 got lime. You had to grab your teams cushions (you get 4 cushion for each team) and then the first person on each team would run up and place a cushion and run back and tag the next person in line. And then they run when the person that place the first cushion would go to the back of the line and so on. But when all of the cushions are placed and there is no more, the next person would run up and they are able to move one of their cushion. In this game you don’t need to wait for the other player to move their piece(fruit). - Riley

On Monday, Mrs H brought in new fruit cushions, Mrs H got, Lime, Orange & Kiwifruit. The class was trying to get off the couch so they can get one! On Wednesday, we had a special delivery of Watermelons! Overall there is 16 cushions. (4 of each).
 Source: Briscoes (All Photos)   - William

On Tuesday Mrs H showed us our new math groups the group names are Oblongs,  Pentagons, Hexagons & Heptagons. - Blake

This term we are looking at Fractions.
Congratulations to the following BFT(Basic Fact Test) PB's: Sofia, Brandy and Trevor.

On Monday Mrs H  told us our spelling words. The next day Mrs H put us in groups. Then we chose a word each.We then had to find out what it was and what it means then we got to look at some yarn bombing here are some photos.
Image resultImage result for yarnImage result for yarn bombingImage result

- Sarfyre

One of 10 Spelling Words. The word; Sew! You can sew by hand or with a machine! By hand you need a needle, thread and of course, something to sew! By machine you just need a sewing machine and something to sew. - William

Fibre is a thread or filament,it's a material containing cellulose, lignin and pectin.
Wool fibre underneath a microscope

Picture by wool.

- Anna

Synthetic is made by a chemical synthesis especially to imitate a natural product there is also a synthetic fabric and synthetic polyester
Image result
Blake shared with us about the clothing he wears hunting - he knows that it melts if a spark from the fire lands on it.

FABRIC - There are lots of types of fabric some smooth, rough or silky.  Fabric is use to make clothes handbags

FIBRE - Fibre is the smallest visible unit of any textile product. Fibres are flexible and may be spun into yarn and made into fabrics.

KNIT - When you knit you can also knit bomb. Knit bombing is really cool.  Knit bombing is colourful art displayed on the street. You can knit it or crochet it.  source: Knit bombing                                                                                                Image result for knit bombing

TEXTILE - Textile is a natural, cloth like, flexible fabric containing artificial fibers, like yarn or thread. The process of making textile is turing fibre into yarn, yarn into fabric, then they are dyed or printed then made into clothes. Textile materials are made by weaving, knitting, crocheting, knotting or felting. Materials that are textiles are mainly used for things like clothes, shoes and some types of bags.
Picture by HunterLab

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