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The rest of Term 3

We have got so far behind on the blog (well the publisher has) the children have the blog posts have been created in a shared document.  This is going to be one really big blog post with all what has been happening in the wonderful Room 13.

Week 8

Sofia- Robbie Manson
This week we had yet another visit from an Olympic rower, Robbie Manson. He came to our middle school assembly and talked to us about his rowing journey. Unfortunately Robbie didn’t win an Olympic medal, but he brought in some of his world cup medals instead. He also brang his London 2012 Olympic uniform, he couldn't bring the Rio one because it was still being shipped to New Zealand from Rio. Robbie competed in the men's double sculls with his partner, Chris Harris. At the end we had a middle school photo witch Robbie signed then photocopied, and then we all got a copy
Sarfyre-science cub
On Friday some of our class went to
SCIENCE CLUB! We made slime it was AWESOME!
Charli-reaching our goal
This week we had a go at writing words that we may use to reach our goals.  We had to use words to reach our learning goals.  We wrote them down on to bits of cardboard and then we wrote our names\ incalls and then we wrote them onto the olympic rings colours.  Then we put them all together and made a big trill of the words.  We weren't allowed to write down a sentence we could only write down two words.   File_000 (1).jpeg
Olympic art-Anna K
Miss Malone started doing this fun olympic silhouette art work with us : First you do swiggle bubbles, no more than 7.  Next you choose an olympic ring colour and you paint different shades of that colour. Then you go over the lines in vivid till its thick.  So then you go and find an olympic silhouette sport and cut it out and glue it onto your painted paper and your result should sorta look like this. File_000.jpeg
Leah-we had to start at 11.00
On Monday the whole school had to come at 11.00 because there was a Union meeting  in Hamilton,  so that meant that it was going to be a shorter day at Stanley Ave.
On Wednesday & Thursday there was dodge ball it was different rules to normal DodgeBall the balls would start off in the middle if you get hit or your ball gets caught on the full you get sent to the mats at the end of the Rec center if someone from your team gets it in the hoop from your side your all in  again but if only one person catches it on the full only there in again.  On Wednesday it was Mokena vs Waihou and Te Aroha vs Hauraki and on Thursday it was Mokena vs Te Aroha and Without and Hauraki.     
William - The not-much-teachers Morning.

Riley-netball modified

On Monday, most of the teachers went to a Union Meeting, so the 20 or so students we with Mr. Byers, Mr. Paul & Mr. Spicer.  First on the agenda was: Jump Jam.
Then we went to room 12 to do some kowhaiwhai art representing our whanau (Family).
About ¾ of an hour after that we went out for a game with Mr. Paul, We played Crossover. Crossover is played by having 2 teams and if you or anyone else crosses over the ½ way mark you get to tag them only if your side, if your tug you bob down until one of your teammates help you and get you to the middle and then you crossover again.  How you win is if your WHOLE team is across the other side.
-William Bethell, Room 13 News.

We picked a partner and Mrs Haddock gave each group one band.  One us put it on and ran to rec center while the other person counted to ten and then chased them.  When we got to the rec centre Mrs Haddock explained the rules.  The game was like a modified version of netball where the first team to have passed the ball 10 times without dropping the ball or the other team grabbing it you can not smack it out of there of there hands even if they are  on your team.  You can block but you can’t get closer than 3 feet to the people with the ball.  We played it 2 times.  The 2nd time if you talked you were out and had to sit on a mat.  You had to clap if you want the ball.
Week 7

This week on Wednesday 5 kids from room 13 went to the Thames Valley cross country, representing Te Aroha. This is my story.; BEEEEP!! The buzzer went, we set off in a steady pack heading towards the back. Then we’re in the cross country part of the race, long grass prickle bushes ( the first thing i did was cut my ankle) and potholes, lots of potholes. Now we're coming up the straight, I’m in the middle pack, I have no breath left, I hear the others’ behind us, but no one passes me. Round the bend, I start to climb the hill, I go to run down but then I remember how steep is is, i start stepping down, them I jump… It got good speed but I crossed the line with my ankle, we were so close to the finish line I couldn't stop, someone passed me but I wasn't going to let any more do the same. Were coming up the finish line I had completely ran out of breath, my finish line sprint looked more like a pathetic jog, but I did it. A lady writes my place on my hand, “15th!!! Yayyy!!” I was aiming for somewhere in the 30s! (There were 50 in my race) And then I fell over and couldn't get up for 10 minutes. - Sofia

On Thursday we had kapa haka.  We got some Kapa Haka t-shirts.  After lunch we went to the gym to do Kapa Haka.  Mawaru school was there and Te Aroha primary and country kids and kindergarten and Te Aroha college.  Te Aroha primary and country kids and kindergarten performed. Stanley ave school was the host.  We also performed.  Well we were waiting for Te Aroha primary to finish their practice we had a dance competition and a pukana competition.For the dance competition coby won.  When they walked in we saw our old kapa haka teacher.  The thing that is we both did Papake Tetaha. - Charli

In Room 13 we have been working on olympic silhouette art.  We would split the paper into 6 or 7 or 8 bits then we had to pick a olympic ring color then we would pour a bit of white and black onto our newspaper and we would mix the white and black with the red to make different shades of red.  After we finished painting we go onto the chrome book and find a silhouette of an olympic sport.  After the paints finished drying we glue the silhouette on and Mrs Haddock would mount it on to a black piece of paper then we put our signature on the bottom corner of the page then we were done.  Thomas

On Wednesday and Tuesday we had Mr Robertson.  At roll call he called me an albino Japanese girl. - Riley

I was sweating all because of my nervous.  There was 45 people in the 9 yr old girls
1500m race, the man kept repeating to check or age , then the man pushed the button and we were of. All the girls were sprinting at the start, we all pushed when we were going round the fence I was in the top 5 then 4 then 3 then 2 we go up the sandy bump the down the steep hill were 100 meters away from the finish line, I'm right behind the girl coming first I try go to the left but she goes left I try go right but she goes right so then I just sprinted right past her she tried to sprint as will but she couldn't she was to puffed I stayed sprinting to the finish line I finished with the placing 1st (I've won 2 years in a row now yay!) - Anna K

MY HEART RACING butterfly in my tummy  I start to do smile a little bit I try my hard to stop smiling  then I suck it up and I stayed series for a while until I saw Charlotte I was glad. Leah

ON Friday we had room 10 & room 9 in our classroom - Blake

Dear Readers,
On Thursday the 8th, the WHOLE SCHOOL had a mixed up day! The blocks on the day were 8.55 - 10.30 start then 11am - 12pm middle then 1 pm - 3pm performance.  That performance was the Te Aroha Kapa Haka Showcase for 2016 here, at Stanley Avenue School. The middle school even performed! That day was mixed up A LOT! Well, Bye and let us see how long it will be until our next mixed-up day! Ps. the line-up went: Kindergartens then Middle School to TAPS then all mighty SAS Kapa Haka! - W.Bethell,  Te Aroha

BOOM BOOM!My heart was pounding.
KARATE!We all stepped into a grope. E RERE E TI TODDLER.We sang song after song. After weds I felt really good.I think Stanley avenue’s Kapa Haka group  did really. - Sarfyre

Week 6

Life Ed - Mike and the classroom
Mike and Harold's classroom was pretty cool it could be any color you wanted it to be and when Mike wanted us to stop look and listen he would make the lights go dark then back to the normal lights , it was a really cool classroom!  At the end of room 13s last season ,  Mike ,Harold and room 13 did karaoke and the lights turned to disco lights harold was a little bit shy so room 13 joined in.
Life Ed - Qualities of a Sportsperson | William
On Wednesday we had a session for Life Education, and in this session we learned about the Qualities of a Sportsperson. You definitely wouldn't… have a cheater as a teammate, hog the ball and more!
Life Ed - Harold (and his jokes)Thomas Gr
In week 6 Room 13 went to see harold after each session Harold would tell us a joke we also hear the jokes from the other classes our classes joke were
Q:what do you call a Kiwi with 1 leg shorter than the other
A:Not even bro

Q:why did the cop leave a bra in the middle of the road
A:It was a boobie trap
This is one from another class
Q:How do you sneak up on a unique horse
A:Unique up on it
Mike the teacher from life education said his jokes are horrible but we thought they were funny Image result for harold giraffe life education
Life Ed - It’s OK to be different-leah
On Wednesday  Room 13 got to go to life ed and we talked about  it's ok to be different  and it is definitely alright to be different and we talk about what makes you different the pattern in your eyes  they are all different the pattern on your finger  and
Gym Sport - Thursday- charli
On thursday we went to morrinsville to do our school competition.  We had to get here at 8 O’clock and we left at 8.20.  I went with my gym teacher Stacey took me there and I went with marina and her mum on the back.  When we got there the lights were off and it was cold but as I started to move around I got warmer. First a lady called for group 1 because they were going to do some warm ups.  After that group 1 did there gymnastics. Group 1 is the lowest group and the name is springers group 3 is flyers and group 5 is twisters. I am in twisters for trampolining and mini tramp.  I am flyers for floor beam and vault.  When all of the groups had finished  we did price giving I came 5th for vault.
Paralympics -Sofia
Two weeks ago the 2016 Rio Olympics had to come to an end, but that's not the end for the Olympics because the Paralympics are soon going to start! It just happens that the amount of New Zealand Paralympians match the amount of children in Room 13, so we got to choose a athlete to research about. Then after we had done some research about our athletes we went on a site called Imindmap (Go down to learn about Mindmup).  In Mindmup we jotted down all of our ideas & facts about the athlete.

(Image by
Mindmup 2.0-Blake
On Wednesday we tried out mindmup it is awesome matthew our a class member he told us about it we did not know about it but when he came into the classroom he told us about it and it looked pretty cool you should check it out        Image result for mindmup
Read it - See it (AVAILLL)
Thursday (Marble, Knuckle Bones, Elastics) Challenge Day. Riley aka Rye Rye
On thursday we had to pick a buddy then Mrs Haddock split us into groups the A,B & C.  I was a C and my buddy was Olivia.  There were 3 activities to do marbles, knucklebones and elastics.  The A group was knucklebones the B group was marbles and the C group was elastics.  marbles-014.jpg1fbae937-93b8-1704-e79f-f090f3724c05-10.jpegd220f865692d2cc4ed4b14e0a2b9a0d2.jpgMrs Haddock taught us how to play England Ireland Scotland Wales it was very fun.  After a while we switched activities.  

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